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Sep 18, 2019
7 Tips to Improve Your Retail Sales
Whether your retail operations are strictly bricks and mortar, online or a combination of both, increasing sales and profits is essential to your business' ongoing success. 

Whether you're going through a slump, or just want to expand to bigger and better things, these are some winning strategies you can adopt to boost your sales figures: 

1. Run sales promotions

Offering customers something that makes them feel they are getting a better deal is a great way to increase sales. You should aim to promote items that you have a good profit margin on, that way when you discount it won't affect your bottom line so much. 
Discounting older stock that is taking up valuable real estate on your shelves or your stock room is also a good way to make room for more profitable items.

Consider promotions such as buy one, get one free, buy one get one half price, or a percentage discount for a limited time only to increase a sense of urgency and drive demand. 

2. Personalize offers for your existing customers 

You have already successfully sold to customers in the past – if they love you and your products, offer them an inducement to come back and spend more money with your business. 

Customer loyalty software will help you to determine what items individual customers may be interested in, whether they would be likely to respond to discounted offers, new arrivals and more. 

3. Ensure that customers are finding you easily 

No matter if you are online only or you also operate out of physical locations, your online presence is essential and you can't afford to ignore it. 

If you're not showing up in search results when a potential customer Googles for something that you sell – either online or in their city – you have lost the opportunity to sell to them.
Make sure your business ranks well in the search engine, and have a digital presence in other platforms such as Facebook and Yelp. 

4. Find creative ways to suggestive sell 

Offering additional items to customers when you already have them about to complete a sale is a tried and tested method to increase sales figures. In the fashion world that often includes selling matching items or accessories. 
If you run an online fashion store, a great way to do this is SuitApp – a tool that gives your customers recommendations based on the item they are purchasing, so they can select an entire outfit, not just the individual clothing item. 

5. Invest in your staff 

Your employees are the public face of your business. Having staff who are polite, engaged, and helpful will leave a great impression with your customers and they are more likely to return if they have had a great experience. 

Training your staff so they have an extensive knowledge of your products will not only impress your customers, but can help to boost sales. 

6. Collaborate with your suppliers 

Your suppliers want to see their products selling as much as you do. Building a great relationship with them can help you both achieve this mutually beneficial outcome. 

Your suppliers can do things like offer training for your staff, provide you with promotional material like point of sale stands and posters, collaborate with you on specials and exclusives and include you in their own social media and marketing efforts.

If you're not showing up in search results when a potential customer Googles for something that you sell – either online or in their city – you have lost the opportunity to sell to them

7. Try "click and collect" 

If you have both an online presence and physical stores, offering "click and collect" as a delivery method can encourage customers to spend more with you. 

A lot of people don't like paying for shipping and it can be a psychological barrier to purchasing online, so picking up their order in-store for free can encourage them to spend more when they shop online as they're saving on shipping. Additionally, many of these customers may purchase other items when they are in your store collecting their order.