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Sep 18, 2019
Breaking Fashion Stereotypes
The world of fashion is a very interesting and creative world. However, there are still so many fashion stereotypes especially about body shaping.
Many people have a fixed mindset on what suits them and what not. Don't you agree that sometimes we should look at them from a different angle. What if you wear black it doesn't mean you look slimmer... or vertical stripes don't necessarily make you look taller. Let's talk about these stereotypes a little bit more!

Be stylish means to follow all the latest trends

Fashion trends are obviously very important. Please, always remember about your body shape and color type. You can not always wear exactly what they show on runway or in fashion magazines. Before buying something ask yourself a question: Does it really suit me?

Color stereotype: Black makes me look thinner and white bigger

This stereotype very often confuses a lot of ladies. It is very important to take into account not only the color. For example, skinny black pants or jeans with creases can add some kilos. During sunny days black color will attract more attention and can create an optic illusion of massiveness.
However, white color can make you look visually slimmer in case you've chosen a proper model style and solid fabric.

Stripes stereotype: Vertical stripes make me look thinner and horizontal bigger

This is all based on optical illusions. Keep in mind the frequency of stripes plays a huge role. Narrow and frequent stripes create dynamics and hide some kilos. Wide rare stripes on the contrary may make you look bigger and hide all feminine curves.

 Metal stereotype: I can not mix different metals in one look

Who told that? Silver and gold can perfectly match in one look. Don't forget to match them with other elements of your outfit.
You shouldn't be afraid to wear shoes with golden buckles if your bag has some silver elements. This may look chic!

 Body conscious clothes stereotype: Plus-size ladies should not wear body con clothes

The truth is that in shapeless garments plus-size ladies may look bigger. It doesn't mean that you should wear very tight leggings or tiny shorts. Hiding your disadvantages it is very important to remember about your advantages.
Choose model styles that you feel would look good on you. Try to open your decollete and shoulders, choose certain prints and try high-waisted dresses.

Accessories stereotype: My bag and shoes should be of the same color

Look how gorgeous shoes and bags of different colors match:

Polka dots stereotype: Bid polka dots make me look heavy

They say "the larger the person, the larger the polka dot". Without a doubt, the larger the polka dots, the more distracting they will be.
But again, not that easy. It all depends on rhythm and contrast (dots/background).

Small polka dots may look good on plus-size ladies if dots are located very close to each other. Big dots make you look slimmer in case there is a slight contrast between dots and background, for example dark colored dots on navy blue background. 
Compare these tops. Do you agree that bigger print looks better?

We hope some of these tips will help you style yourselves.
Experiment, Enjoy and Stay gorgeous!