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Sep 18, 2019
Do You Automate Your Sales Processes or Not Automate?
Making your online sales process as simple as possible not only improves the customer’s experience, but saves your business time and money.
Automating your sales processes is the most logical way to do this: you can build strong and positive relationships with existing customers or prospective customers, keep your sales leads organized, ensure that you are getting in touch with your customers to let them know about sales and new product lines, and make their journey through your site to purchase your products as seamless and easy as possible.
When you’re just starting out, or your company is quite small, managing your sales processes manually isn’t usually difficult. But with growth comes challenges, so it makes sense to maximize your time and your profits by putting effective systems in place to deal with your sales.

Data from the Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study from the Lenskold Group found that 63 per cent of businesses with automated sales marketing processes outgrow their competitors.

Unfortunately, many businesses are being held back by not having the confidence to properly embrace automated sales processes: it can seem daunting and overly technical… and this, along with financial outlay, is often the main barrier to businesses successfully adopting automated processes.
There are many different systems of automated sales processes on the market – some are software packages, and some are add-ons to existing processes and business models. In general, however, the benefits of sales automation include: 

1. Saving time

 Automating sales processes allows your team to have important, but time consuming, tasks done automatically. This can include updating sale opportunities, setting appointments, sending reminders and follow ups, sending quotes and proposals and so on.

2. Improving the experience for the customer

The easier it is for a customer to navigate your site and complete their order, the happier they will be and the more likely they will be to recommend your site to others, and return in the future to purchase more from you.
Systems such as AI chatbots can be effectively deployed to quickly answer questions that your customers may have about items for sale, and increase the likelihood of that sale being finalized.  When a customer has to email for more information, by the time a person responds they may have gone cold or already moved on and purchased from a competitor.

3. Increasing profits

When your employees don’t have to spend time on repetitive administrative tasks they are freed up to find other ways to maximize profits for the company, such as exploring more sales leads or working on marketing campaigns.

Some automated systems can actively help you sell more items. A great example is SuitApp, an artificial intelligence  tool that you can embed in your fashion retail website to sell more items. When a customer selects a particular fashion item to purchase, SuitApp recommends other items that will help them put together an entire outfit that is fashionable and on-trend. You end up selling multiple items instead of just individual ones.