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May 26, 2020
Does everyone need a personal stylist?
Not everyone enjoys shopping for clothing and accessories even if they want to always look their best. Some people feel anxious or overwhelmed about making choices, and other people simply don’t have a lot of time to spend making fashion purchases. For many years people who have been able to afford it have turned to personal stylists to step in and assist with this endeavour. They may use a personal stylist all the time, or for specific occasions where they really want to nail that first impression, such as a job interview or a formal event. A personal stylist will work with clients to design a wardrobe for them that suits their style aesthetic, is practical for what they need – for example workwear, evening wear, casual clothing and so on – and will ensure there are items that can work well together for different looks.
Another benefit to hiring a personal stylist is that they are able to make suggestions that are suitable for specific body types and shapes. What looks good on one client may not look good on another. Personal stylists understand this and can make suggestions accordingly, including the best accessories to accentuate features. Personal stylists also keep up with the latest fashion trends, and can make suggestions to clients who want to keep up with what’s fashionable but don’t have the time to do so.

How online retailers can replicate the personal stylist experience for customers

Not everyone can afford a personal stylist, or may not have even considered it to be an option for them. Fashion retailers looking to offer a more personalized experience in their online stores can incorporate the personal stylist experience through artificial intelligence (AI). AI can help your customers to find products that you offer that align with their personal style choices, fit their bodies and suit their budgets. It works by translating the data that it gathers from the customer and delivers them customized suggestions so they can make more informed decisions.

AI can help your customers to find products that you offer that align with their personal style choices, fit their bodies and suit their budgets.

SuitApp is an AI fashion solution that integrates with your website to offer customers outfit recommendations that are designed from the content of your online store. The SuitApp AI understands the customer’s preferences (such as brands, size) and offers suggestions including colors, prints, fabrics and so on. Between three and five entire outfits are generated and suggested so that the customer can choose to purchase the entire look, not just individual items. It helps to solve problems for your customers who may feel overwhelmed when making choices by automatically providing them with options, and will also increase the average order value by around 1.5x – leading to increased revenue. Customers who enjoy this personalized shopping service are 35% more likely to return to purchase again in the future.
Photos by  Gustavo Fring and Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels