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May 05, 2020
Fashion girl: what does she look like in 2020?
The world has changed a lot in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s affected almost every industry, and some countries have fared worse than others. For the fashion industry reeling from the effects of the pandemic, there are still sales to be made. Fashionistas are still shopping, and to capitalize on this, you just have to know who the “fashion girl” of 2020 is and what she wants.
While activewear and athleisure is extremely popular right now, and selling out online in many stores as lockdown and work-from-home life has many people living in leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies, fashion-forward consumers are still thinking ahead for when the pandemic is over. 

In fact many are taking advantage of online sales and looking forward to wearing items in a few months time, when the pandemic is over. 

While many daring and bold fashion pieces may be overlooked right now, the “fashion girl” is still committed to building her wardrobe with what are called “investment” pieces – timeless and classic fashion items that can be justified as purchases at this time, given what’s happening in the world. Think classic blazers, elegant dresses, well-made sweaters and tailored pants in dark or neutral colors, as well as accessories that won’t date such as belts, scarves, bags and so on. Miss Fashion was quite possibly already concerned with sustainability and the cost of “fast fashion” to the environment. These concerns are even more heightened now in the midst of a global crisis, making her want to choose her fashion items wisely.
She’s likely to be a Millennial, living alone, with roommates or in a relationship, close to cafes and bars, galleries and theatres. She has an active social life and she enjoys being well-presented with an individual flare. She’s currently looking forward to life as she knew it resuming, and this may mean she’s also looking forward to dressing up again, in more elaborate clothing and bright colors, and ditching the casual clothing she’s been wearing in lockdown.

According to research from Pymnts.com, Millennial women spend more on apparel than any other generation, and on average spend around $1950 a year.

Millennials in general are happy to embrace different mediums for their fashion purchasing and are just as likely to shop online as they are going in-store for the “experience” of shopping. They get inspiration from influencers, from Instagram and their social circles. But in 2020, online shopping is increasingly the most popular way fashion items are being purchased. And in many locations, it's one of the only ways that it can be bought as a result of government restrictions, social distancing and closures. Miss Fashion, like many other consumers, may get used to online shopping and grow to prefer it to going back to the way things were.