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May 19, 2020
Learning from a leading fashion brand to promote and sell goods
When it comes to developing a strategy for your fashion ecommerce site to promote and sell your goods, looking at what has worked for other successful retailers is a great place to start. One of the best known fashion retailers online in the world is ASOS – a brand primarily aimed at young adults that was established in 2000 in the UK.

Today ASOS sells more than 850 different brands of clothing, including its own label and according to Forbes is worth $6.1 billion. 

ASOS didn’t just come to dominate the online fashion market by accident. It built a brand based on identifying with its ideal client – millennials who are both fashion savvy, digitally connected but have a social conscience when it comes to their fashion choices. It has consistently repositioned its marketing and sales strategies to evolve with technology, social expectations and what its customers want. Some of the things that ASOS does to attract and retain customer loyalty includes:

1. Being responsive to customers and rewarding loyalty 

ASOS does this by:
- Offering a 10 per cent discount to student shoppers
- Offering free returns
- Offering a points-based loyalty program
- Providing customer service 24/7, 365 days a year

2. Encouraging customer participation in the brand 

ASOS implements marketing strategies that encourage participation by its customers, and relies heavily on social media. Examples include creating a steady stream of content that relies on real people, such as promoting behind the scenes looks at ASOS employees, interviews with influencers and encouraging users to share and add their own posts. 
One example is its #AsSeenOnMe hashtag where customers are encouraged to post photos of themselves to social media wearing items purchased from ASOS. Posters are rewarded with discounts and promotional specials. The brand also has a customer panel called “ASOS Insiders” who act as influencers and curate collections of ASOS goods they hope to inspire people to purchase.

3. Heavy reliance on social media

ASOS is very active across all the main social media sites and its top traffic comes to it from Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter.  The brand uses Twitter, for example, to offer exclusive discount codes. 

 4. Its own branded fashion magazine

ASOS produces a branded fashion magazine that it sends to some of its most loyal customers. It is used as a vehicle to promote ASOS’ own clothing. It has become the most widely read quarterly fashion magazine in the UK.

5.  Incorporating artificial intelligence

ASOS has jumped on board with AI and incorporates it in several different ways to influence sales. One of these ways is through a chatbot called Enki that recommends items to customers based on their tastes or something that they’ve seen. Users can send Enki a photo of an item they’ve seen someone wearing so it can suggest similar items that it has for sale and provides a “personal shopper” experience. Another AI tool is the ASOS sizing tool called Fit Assistance that helps shoppers to determine their size based on personal measurements.
Photos by bongkarn thanyakij and cottonbro from Pexels .