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Apr 27, 2020
No more clickbait: how to attract new customers to your online store in 2020
There’s no argument that generating traffic to your online store is critical to increasing sales. But all traffic is not equal, and some actions you take can do more harm than good. Clickbait is one such example, and is often touted as a great way to generate traffic. In retail it generally appears as content that either misrepresents what is on the site or promises more than it will actually deliver.
Whether it’s via a link with an interesting and engaging title on social media or through search engines, many retailers take this route as an easy way to increase the numbers of visitors to their online stores. While it can be effective, clickbait should be used sparingly if you do decide to incorporate it into your marketing strategies. Savvy consumers can feel annoyed if they perceive your brand has attempted to “dupe” them. It can even lead them to mistrust your brand and question how reputable and safe it is to shop in your store. So all the effort to attract those customers is wasted if they leave straight away and avoid your brand in future.

Clickbait can even lead them to mistrust your brand and question how reputable and safe it is to shop in your store.

In addition to this, you could also damage your SEO making it even harder for customers to find you. Google, for example, has a range of criteria that it factors into its algorithms. The quality of web content is one of these factors and anything that is considered to be “fake news” can be given a low score and pushed way down the search engine’s results.
By using the right techniques, however, you can increase the traffic to your online store and boost your sales and cement your brand as a desirable one.

1. Sponsorships 

Look at strategic opportunities to sponsor podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, Instagram influencers  etc. that align with your brand. There should be a clear connection between the product you sell and the outlet you are providing sponsorship to. These content creators can create unique content about your brand and promote it to their followers. Be careful, however, and ask to see reliable metrics about their reach.

2. Incentivize your existing customers

If you have a loyal customer base already, you should leverage this as they can be unofficial brand ambassadors. Encourage them to refer their friends and family and provide them with incentives such as discounts or free shipping on future purchases.

3. Social media

Having a social media presence across platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is still a solid way to attract customers to your store, especially if you pay to sponsor posts and place carefully targeted ads in the newsfeeds of your target demographic.

4. Online reviews

According to a Podium research report, 93% of customers research purchases via reviews before they buy. If your brand isn’t represented on review websites where your customers share their experiences, you could be overlooked completely by new customers.

5. Search engine optimization

 Working on your website to ensure it is optimized for favorable rankings with search engines is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you get more customers visiting your site. This includes containing good content, keywords and other measures that meet the requirements of the algorithm for a high ranking.