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Nov 22, 2019
The five biggest ecommerce mistakes to avoid
Having a successful ecommerce venture is no easy task: merely having a presence on the internet is not enough to guarantee that customers will find it, purchase from it and come back for more later. While online shopping is enormously popular and has greatly disrupted the traditional retail space, making a profit and enjoying long-term success requires a lot of hard work… and avoiding costly mistakes.

Ecommerce is continually evolving. What worked five years ago might not work now.  By keeping abreast of changes in the industry and learning from others about what to do – and what NOT to do – you have the best chance of positioning your venture for success.

1. Not conducting market research

Understanding your target market and what they want, desire and need is essential – as well as knowing how they respond to different price points. Without this basic understanding you really are flying blind… just because you have it for sale doesn’t mean people want it, will purchase it or be happy to pay what you are asking. 

2. Having a terrible website

Customers are turned off by websites that are difficult to navigate. They also don’t respond well to poor aesthetic design. A successful ecommerce website needs to look good and also be functional. If potential clients can’t find what they are looking for or your website looks amateurish, they will go elsewhere.

3. Being invisible 

You have a website – great! But how are people going to find you? It’s a mistake to think that just because you occupy space on the internet people will find you. Investing wisely in search engine optimization can help people find you when they are searching for products. You also need to back that up with advertising and having a presence on social media.

4. Having bad photos and product descriptions 

Online retail requires your customer to trust you. They can’t physically inspect a product like they can in a bricks-and-mortar store. If your product descriptions are vague or don’t accurately reflect the product and your photos don’t match what the customer will eventually be sent, your business will suffer from negative reviews all over the internet very quickly.

5. Asking users to create an account

One of the reasons websites fail to make sales and have high levels of abandoned carts is because they make the sales process far too onerous. If a customer has to sign up to the site and log in to make a purchase they may not go ahead with the sale, for a number of reasons. 
This can include not wanting to sign up for a site they might not want to visit again, feeling it is an invasion of privacy or simply because of the extra time it takes for them to make their purchase. Of course having an account allows you to gather data and target your previous customers with personalized campaigns and offers. Make signing up an option and allow guest checkout with an incentive following the transaction to create an account such as discounts and special offers.
We hope these simple tips would be useful for you!