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Mar 25, 2020
The SuitApp widget or front end: what will suit you better?
Competing in the online fashion space can be extremely challenging. But while the marketplace can seem crowded, there is still plenty of opportunities to be had and plenty of income to be made, so long as you adopt good business practices and stay competitive and leading-edge.  Opportunities include expanding markets around the world, an increased access to the internet thanks to smartphones, more people with disposable income and rapid expansion of innovative technology. 

In fact, it is anticipated that the number of potential fashion customers globally will grow to more than 1.2 billion by 2021 in the 16 to 34 age groups.

One of the competitive advantages many fashion retailers are embracing is “complete the outfit” technology that is an AI solution aiming to sell more merchandise and improve sales and revenue and brand loyalty. This AI is a powered system that makes suggestions to your customer based on fashion trends, styling rules, purchase history, marketing strategy and other client’s preferences. It then “suggestive sells” additional items based on your store’s inventory. In this case it will suggest entire outfits that can be completed using the item that they have indicated an interest in.

So, for example, if the customer is looking at a shirt, the system can show them a few good-looking combinations with a skirt and heels, or a jacket and pants and accessories.  

The idea is that they will purchase additional items that they hadn’t considered when they originally set out to buy a product from your store. 
SuitApp is a “complete the outfit” technology tool that many retailers have integrated with their websites to showcase their product inventories and offer limitless outfit suggestions to their customers. The software integrates easily with your online store either through an API or a widget. No matter how big or small your catalogue is, the software will incorporate it to generate suggestions to your customers and update pricing, sizing and availability when it makes these suggestions. SuitApp will automatically take content from your web or xml before checking on pricing information and availability, or if new products are available – usually once a day (although this parameter can be changed).
There are two ways that a retailer can use SuitApp to integrate with their website to create outfit choices: 
— API - where retailer recieves from SuitApp information about products matching in an outfit. Retailers need to create the front-end to show the data on their side.
— Widget - where the retailer inserts a few lines of code on the product page. There is no need to code anything, the appearance of the widget can be adapted to seamlessly fit in with your website.
 Choosing what works best for you will depend totally on the configuration and structure of your website. However, the API and the Widget options give a solution for almost any fashion retailer who wants to showcase more of their products to potential customers to make extra sales.